A new service for our girls: custom, one-of-a-kind Gemma Redux pieces

I've decided to start a new leg of the Gemma Redux business that I hope will be inspiring to both myself and the Gemma Redux girl. Starting in January, I will be booking one on one appointments with clients to design and make custom pieces. We will be able to discuss stones (and feather and wood and leather and...) and her personal style and then I will be able to design and construct for her a custom piece to mirror her personality. Its so incredibly exciting to me because it will allow me to work directly with a girl who will have to feel a strong connection to Gemma Redux and to create something especially for her, that will not be sold to stores or on the Site. And I get to make something amazing and don't have to think about the "manufacturability" of it! Win-win!

I am so looking forward to this and I hope some of our Gemma Redux girls out there are too. Pricing starts at $850 - email sales@gemmaredux.com for more info.

Coming soon ~ info about our program with the ASPCA. Check out their site here: http://www.aspca.org -- every month starting on 2009, we will offer a piece through this blog that will only be available here (i.e., not in stores) and 100% of all proceeds will go direclty to the ASPCA. You will get a great Gemma Redux piece, an ASPCA orange bracelet and a photo of an animal you helped save with your generous donation. More info coming soon and the first piece will launch in January.



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