What we sent to Drew (Barrymore)....because we heart her

I hate making custom pieces, unless I just get to whip something out and make a one-of-a-kind. So I guess to be more accurate, I would say I hate making "one offs" for celebs (i.e., "XXX loves this, but could we do it in yellow??"). Its just exhausting and I think it tends to dilute the brand...only a bit, but just enough to bug me.

But I was not at all bugged on Thursday, when word came down that fabulous D. Barrymore "loves the Jac, but can we do it in other color combos...??" To which I replied, abso-effing-lutely. D. Barrymore is great, not as a celeb so much as a positive example of what can hit you in life as being hard, demanding, overwhelming, addicting....but hey, one day at a time. Make yourself happy one day at a time. Her issues with booze and drugs, men, body image....all of that had been in the press since ET, right (what was she, six?). But she just keeps moving -- not creating a crazy empire, but just doing what she loves. I love this about her, and was thrilled to make her some gems. So here are some homemade shots of the pieces ~ if she wears, we'll post :)


Anonymous said...

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