Onetime 40% off coupon for GR lovers~

Hey all!

We tried this with our email list* and it worked amazingly, so we are expanding it to anyone on the blog list as well.

So.....Do you want a 40% off code?

We are always looking for creative ways to find new connections for Gemma Redux, and who better to ask then our fans and clients. We want your help, but we know help ain't cheap. So here's the deal:

- email us with contact information for a buyer of a great, high-end boutique anyway (global, anything works) -- or better yet, send them an email introducing GR and forward it to us!

- send the email to info@gemmaredux.com with the subject "great contact for GR."

- in the email, tell us which single piece you would like to get for 40% off.

- if its a new contact for us, we'll send you a personal discount code for your piece (good for one use, one piece, only by you, only good for 1 week). Not sure if they sell GR yet? You might want to send us a couple contacts, just in case we have one of your contacts already. And use your discretion -- we need it to be a good showcase for GR (i.e., stores selling $60 necklaces mass-produced overseas probably won't work).

- one coupon per person please.

So, email away -- and let us know where you want to see Gemma Redux!

* If you don't know, you can join the email list on gemmaredux.com by clicking JOIN -- these insiders get all the best scoop, private sales,

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