Our New ASPCA Piece: The Silver Necklace

Below is our newest ASPCA piece, named after my dear childhood frog, that we go in the mail as a tadpole. I'm not kidding. My dad and I used to harvest worms in the backyard to feed him. Little, mail-order Silver, this necklace is for you~

So, as always:

- 100% of net proceeds go directly to ASPCA (we only take out enough to cover costs of materials and shipping, we're not making any $$ on this one)

- available through 10/1/09

- $380, shipping is included (sale tax for NY residents will be added)

- you'll receive an ASPCA orange bracelet and a pic of one of the animals you helped to support with your generous contribution.

This piece is a GORGEOUS piece of natural Amazonite with stainless steel and gunmetal chains. Measures approx. 18" extendable to 22". Comes in a GEMMA REDUX pouch. PLEASE NOTE: each piece of Amazonite is different, so it will not look exactly like the picture, but it will make your piece one of a kind.

To order, email cs@gemmaredux.com with the subject "ASPCA piece: Silver Necklace" and we'll send you an invoice.

We hope you love!



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mademoiselle chic said...

I LOVE your jewelery!! Stunning pieces :) I actually wrote a blog post about it and I wanted to share it with you. Click here to read it: http://hellomisschic.blogspot.com/2009/09/le-3-septembre-bold-jewelery.html