Survey & cocktail ring giveaway update

We've been getting a few emails about the survey we released recently and the status on the rings -- here's the dealy:

(1) because of an overwhelming response, we crashed the first server for the survey. Whoops! So we had to create a copy survey right after the launch, running concurrently with the first. This was the second email our subscribers received, linking to an exact copy of the survey.

(2) because there were two surveys running, the number attributed to responders was not correct -- if you thought you were # 221 because that's what your survey results said, you may have actually been, say, #522 because other people filled out the identical copy survey before you.

(3) Because of the two surveys, it is taking longer than expected to figure out which subscribers will get a ring. Sorry about that. The survey company now dumped a bunch more work on us, combining the results of two surveys and we're going as fast as we can.

(4) We'll be sending emails to the ring winners ASAP -- please be patient!!


Gemma Redux


Anonymous said...

I didn't hear anything. Should I assume I didn't get picked for a ring?

Anonymous said...

I didn't hear anything either.
What a mess!

Anonymous said...

Did anybody get a ring?

Did anybody even see a picture of the ring?

What a waste of time. and

How convenient of them to get twice as many people to respond by sending out the second link and then respond to inquiries by saying
"I know your survey said you were the 25th person to respond, but you were actually number 9,834 because there were two surveys running simultaneously!"

Face it, we were pwned.

Gemma Redux said...

Hi everyone,

The update we posted about our survey company's server issue is true and we are still wading through the entries for both identical surveys. Believe us, there is nothing convenient about working through responses to two separate surveys.

As stated in the survey, "Rings ship approx 10/15/09" -- we are doing our best to stick to this. We are also frustrated with the survey company's misstep, but we ask that you please be patient while we try to get rings out to those people who deserve them.

Under no circumstances will we fail to deliver on our promise to award gratis cocktail rings to 200 of our loyal Gemma Redux fans, but it might take us a week or two longer than anticipated. In the scheme of things, from a company giving away this much free stuff for simply filling out a survey, we hope that will be OK.

Gemma Redux

Anonymous said...

the rings are supposed to ship tomorrow.

any word on the winners?

why not just send one to all the respondants?

it's not the repondant's fault that the server crashed!

Commenter #1 said...

#5 (also #3 or #2?) -

I think you are being unfair to Gemma Redux. Ms. Dooley has tried to explain the delay and she has pledged to follow through on her commitment to us. I am commenter #1 on this post, so I am obviously curious about what's going on with the rings, too -- and, like you, I was hoping to learn whether I was a winner more quickly. But these are the breaks.

Accusing Ms. Dooley of fraud or suggesting that she make dozens (hundreds?) of additional rings to give all of the survey respondents a prize, regardless of whether they met the winning criteria, is really over the top. Yes, she has promised some of us rings, but she didn't promise to give over her whole life to everyone who participated. Give her a break! It sounds as if the survey company really made things difficult for her (or her poor interns)!

Meanwhile, GR, I hope you can take our concern about the giveaway as a sign about how much we all love your jewelry. We appreciate your updates and your attempts to resolve the mess with the survey company quickly. Keep on trucking!