November 2009 charity pieces: Omne with gems!

The newest charity pieces are here!!

And as promised, we are dedicating some pieces to your charity of choice. Although, I must admit, I made some changes.....

Very recently, a good friend lost a close family member to cancer, a brain tumor. My family has struggled against a similar beast, and I would not be surprised to hear that many of you have a similar story. Rarely has a family not been affected, altered, nearly destroyed by cancer, and the brain variety is an especially terrible one. Although it is not a new cause, its an important one. So I hope Katie, Kadie, Missy and Blair will forgive me for pushing your charity pieces into December, but I'm feeling the need to focus on this for November.

So, for the next 26 days or so, the proceeds from the two custom Omne** pieces below will go to the National Brain Tumor Society.

Then, the December lineup will be:

Katie & Kadie & Missy - Alzheimer's Association
Blair - Charity Water
Desiree - Youth at Risk
Steph - GEMS

(please email me at rachel@gemmaredux.com if you have specific color/style requests! would love to hear from you guys)

So, for November, as always:

- 100% of net proceeds go directly to the National Brain Tumor Society

- specialty pieces are available through 12/1/09

- each of the pieces below is $211, shipping is included (sale tax for NY residents will be added)

- please specify BLACK TOURMALINE or ROCK CRYSTAL (see photos below).

This is a custom OMNE by Gemma Redux piece, with either (1) black tourmaline with steel and brass, or (2) rock crystal with steel and copper.

To order, email cs@gemmaredux.com with the subject "NBTS Piece: Custom OMNE in Black (or Crystal)" and we'll send you an invoice.

We hope you love and please please PLEASE consider giving the best gift this holiday season - a donation to a very necessary cause (that happens to come with a fabulous necklace!).


Gemma Redux

** PS if you don't know what OMNE by Gemma Redux is, please check out the video on GemmaRedux.com

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