Making a personal collection

Last night, I was our with my best friend/business partner discussing the current state and how this impacts both Gemma Redux and our current in-the-works project. I and we have always aimed to have a very personal connection with our designs and therefore with our customers, and I think in this environment that is especially necessary. I'm scared to part with my money now, I imagine a lot of people are feeling the same way. And I would not buy a
$300 accessory without feeling confident that I will love it for the long haul and it will continue to make me happy to put on. And not only that, but I need to feel confident that the designer is not going to let me down - not going to next design a terrible collection that makes me feel the value of my prize piece has dropped. Its a lot to ask, but its something I believe only design-driven companies with a focus on a connection between designer-piece-customer can make.

In tough econ times, you might tend to think the big companies will live, the small companies will die. I think the opposite. While big houses are laying off people, cutting departments, the small companies can get back to their root - Her, our customer - more easily. We can make that piece for her she loves and feels confident she will rock every day this season, this year, whatever. And she can feel like we're dealing with this together. And, of course, we are. So she can know that we are making something for her thats really worth it, realizing its asking a lot to take her money right now.

And it might seem like a bad time to give. Maybe from a strictly business standpoint thats true, although I could argue against that too if I cared. But when all the hear is terrible news from all angles, sometimes you just need to feel good about something simple. For us, thats the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). Nothing makes me feel better than helping an organization that helps care for and protect helpless, abandoned animals. Can you argue there are better places to spend your money? Sure, but I don't know I would agree with you and really, giving money, time, energy is about feeling good yourself. Helping the ASPCA is what gets me. So starting in Dec., we will be posting one new piece each month (only available through this blog), and 100% of the profits will go to the ASPCA. We will then take your money, send it to the ASPCA, and they will send us a picture of the animal you fostered with your donation. We'll send the photo along with your piece. So you will get a limited Gemma Redux piece, a picture of a fluffy animal you helped save, and generally a warm fuzzy feeling. It really can't get better than that. We will officially launch the program in December, to be informed via our newletter click HERE


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