Do I really need Jewelry?

We at Gemma Redux are educated, ambitious, and aware participants in this American life, including following the ongoing events surrounding the political season as well as the financial markets. At any time, there are a confluence of factors that necessitate attention, particularly for the target audience which we include ourselves, namely the 20-40 year old feminist ideologues. At this point in history, it is sometimes scary and overwhelming to figure out what is going to come next, but it is always reassuring to remember that it sure beats being alive at any other time, namely for the rights, conditions, and opportunities afforded to women, particularly in our age group. Now, we understand that this whole introduction could be construed as marketing fluff to soften you up for a sales pitch, and, of course, it partially is, as we actually run a business, and believe that counter to traditional businesses that use marketing, it seems, to annoy us, we at Gemma Redux would like to use our marketing platforms to inform, at least to the extent we are able.

But before we launch into the specific reasons why Gemma Redux is right for you, lets talk a little bit more about the background in which we operate. First, we are an American business, at a time when that is maybe becoming rarer and potentially controversial in some senses. And it is no doubt a tough time to be a US small business. We note this so that you, as a potential or regular customer, can know the perspective we have while building this business. We feel strongly that we have a responsibility to support our community as much as possible, even in light of potentially higher costs that we have to swallow. Based in Manhattan, we also carry the benefits and the stigma of having to identify with a particular geographic proximity, even while attempting to make the argument that our work and our products are totally appropriate for anyone, anywhere. It is just the framework in which we operate, that today, we are in the Eastern Time Zone, while looking to be viable to women in any timezone.

Second, we pay our bills, and understand that our customer is not necessarily universally wealthy. And that leads in to the attempt at some perspective on the title question: do I really need jewelry? The simple answer is a definite no. We were raised as feminists, with all the baggage, both positive and perhaps negative, that that word truly represents, and thus believe that women are beautiful regardless of what they put on themselves to change appearance. We don't particularly like makeup. We start with the premise that women wear jewelry or engage in fashion statements of any kind as a direct reflection of their femininity, and are not being forced to do anything to reflect norms or conventional wisdom that otherwise have been placed upon them. In other words, we come in to this business with a singular goal in mind: to reflect the diversity of feminism by giving women more and better choices to demonstrate their own unique definition of femininity.

We understand that sometimes being a feminist, whether you are a woman or a man supporting women's issues, means occasionally having to explain why calling it out means having to be different. Without launching in to a diatribe on what is the best way to actively identify as a feminist, we support the general supposition that women should just be free to make up their own damn minds, without anyone or anything else getting in the way. Gemma Redux is not driven by a singular idea of feminism, but rather we hope to embrace and support the wide expanse of options that are available to women.

We aim to be ever-evolving and moving toward an ideal that women have long sought: personal freedom of expression, and that is what Gemma Redux, at its core, represents. We understand that even if all of our potential customers had excess disposable income, she still may not be able to justify a new piece of jewelry. We live it, as well, knowing that sacrificing an espresso drink a day, or even diapers, is not going to happen to supplement the funds for a new accessory. And frankly we don't want it to. But we want to be there for our customer when she decides to indulge herself or to invest in an upgrade of her style expression. And so, we present this season's pieces, for you to make your own decisions, or even to inspire you to drop us an email and let us know your thoughts. We are always willing to inter-act with you, at a personal level to continue to build a relationship with you as potential reps of the Gemma Redux style of expression.

Let us know how we can help beyond the gemmaredux.com web-site, and we will continue to make the argument more tangible of why you may actually just be able to claim to yourself: 'yeah, i guess I do need a new piece of jewelry.'


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