Welcome to Gemma Redux

With a minimalist appreciation for the natural condition of materials used, the designs of necklaces and bracelets from New York-based Gemma Redux offer a variation on the tradition of making something out of nothing. In other words, the chains and stones that come together in uniquely intricate designs and patterns are representative of the actual state or condition of elements from the ground, from the Earth itself. Fashion in the form of jewelry has always been a representation of beauty through simplicity, even if occasionally dramatic and grandiose. Through precious rocks, and valuable binds and chains, jewelry has been a statement of relevance based on, for the most part, cost and rarity. Gemma Redux looks to blow a hole in this formula by bringing about innovative and natural design patterns, to add value based on customization, specialization, and form that does not adhere to traditional sets of expectations.

In the Fall 2008 line recently added to the GemmaRedux.com web-site, colors of the season are accompanied by the standard hallmark chains that are a common trait of GR designs. Without defining the symbol of jewelry, it should be clear to the casual observer that the GR products are not intended to be utilized in the same way that a pearl necklace or a diamond-studded bracelet may be, though this is not its true intention. Considering the mainly female clientele (though with notable exception for men's bracelets), GR designs are offered as an alternative, a potentially jumping-off point to a new approach to self-expression, that cannot be hidden. Not only in size and demeanor, but in eccentricity and variability, the GR offerings are intended to challenge first the owner and person wearing the jewelry, and then to disarm the observer, whether that be a date, a person on the street, or even a fully-versed friend. In short, wearing a GR product is supposed to be controversial in that it is difficult to compare with previous incarnations of fashion jewelry, and that it is without context as to how a particular piece is to be interpreted.

One shining example of this duality is Gemma Redux's own public face for self-expression: Blake Lively. Blake is best known for her character-portrayal of a precocious yet settled television starlet on Gossip Girl, and her ongoing development of a brand that is her own through movies and just living outside of performances. Blake wears GR on-set and off-set to demonstrate her favorable experience with bringing character to both costume and life. GR has been extremely fortunate to work with Blake on the ongoing development of the lines of jewelry that have been available since 2006. It may be a coincidence that GR and Blake grew up together as Gossip Girl was establishing itself as a unique description of adolescence moving in to adulthood, but it is no coincidence that GR continues to work with Blake to bring to life her own expectations of what any day means in the development of persona and personality.

So, it is with pride and continued anticipation that Gemma Redux offers the Fall 2008 line-up of necklaces and bracelets to challenge and represent the expectations of a generation of women that are ready to explore more than just commonality, but to see if there is commonality in individuality. It is intended to force a potential wearer of the GR design to choose wisely as to what best represents what they could be, as well as what they have been. Without expecting in-animate objects to change the discussion, GR will always believe in the fundamental right and ability to go beyond words for expression, and maintain that visual appeal has a place in defining what is reality, and what is the potential for a new reality. There are no revolutions promised by the grounded and well-engineered products of Gemma Redux. However, with an appropriate mixture of personal flair, an individual revulsion to becoming risk-averse, and a large belief in design, Gemma Redux can assist in the transformation from staid to statement.

There are no requirements for becoming a representative of the GR design - - just a conviction and a willingness to embrace the change that is always needed, and to channel that in any format available. Gemma Redux is now ready to lead and serve the community of fashion aware who rely on a multitude of factors to continually define self-expression and make that result, the choices made and settled on known to the public and the world.


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